DENK Keramische Werkstätten - Coburg (DE)
Nature has designed eggs to always end up lying on their side.
This is the only way the chalaza is able to keep the sensitive yolk in the middle of the egg white. If eggs are stored standing (whichever way up), the chalaza becomes slack, allowing the yolk to come into contact with the porous shell and bacteria and germs to penetrate into the egg.
That’s why eggs lie on their side in hen’s nests!
Hens regularly roll the eggs in their nests. This keeps the chalaza flexible and the eggs in great shape.
The design of Rock&Roll ensures that the eggs stored in it roll automatically when you put the bottom one facing up. “Rolling” every two days is not just fun, but keeps your eggs fresh too.
By taking the eggs at the bottom and putting the new ones at the top, they automatically remain temporally ordered.

Rock&Roll is a natural and decorative way to store eggs.
Your eggs stay fresh for just as long or even longer, without the need for refrigeration. Save electricity!
Eggs won’t absorb any odours and are easily accessible at the perfect temperature for use.

Natural solutions are always the best!